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Broadcast Systems Arabia (BSA) is a UAE-based company specialising in all aspects of broadcast systems integration and consultancy ranging from planning, engineering, project management, design installation, commissioning, training, maintenance and postimplementation support.

Since its foundation in 2011, the company has quickly established itself as an industry pioneer for its expertise in delivering complex turnkey broadcast infrastructure olutions in challenging markets and conflict-stricken regions.

Under the capable leadership of its CEO and broadcast veteran, Muhammad Irfan Gondal, BSA extends its roduction and broadcast services to customers across the Middle East , North Africa (MENA) region and Pakistan. The company’s team of expertly qualified broadcast specialists has consistently delivered high quality implementations for installed and mobile broadcast facilities such as ewsrooms, studios, control rooms, transmission centers, earth stations, disaster recovery suites and outside roadcast (OB) vehicles.

BSA’s services extend beyond traditional platforms such as radio and TV channels to include all forms of media such as satellite radio channels, audio features, internet streams, Radio channels, mobile media, websites and portals. With extensive experience in file-based workflow, Avid news solutions, studio set-ups, production control rooms and the terrestrial deployment of analogue, digital TV and radio, BSA has gained recognition as a market leader in the region.


Whatever are your needs in the area of production, processing, and delivery of video content in the Middle-East, Broadcast Systems Arabia is your partner of choice.With our breadth of expertise and numerous partners in the region and abroad, we can design the best and most cost-effective solution for your needs.

System Integration

Broadcast Systems Arabia (BSA) is a UAE-based company specialising in all aspects of broadcast systems integration and consultancy ranging from planning, engineering, project management, design installation, commissioning, training, maintenance and postimplementation support.
Through deep investment in trainings, these third-party resources are expertly enabled by the company to guarantee the highest quality of work in line with what customers have come to expect of their trusted technology partner.
After project completion, BSA conducts in-depth knowledge sharing with the customer and provides comprehensive manuals that detail every aspect of the system. Furthermore, the company’s dedicated -12month support of every completed project entitles each customer to avail of engineer visits and 7/24 telephonic support.


BSA’s end-to-end technical consultancy addresses both know-how and know-why requirements of its customers. The company’s services relating to studio set up, medic technology and audio and video solutions help new entrants in the broadcast industry greatly reduce their time to market. BSA also works extensively with established TV channels and by conducting critical analysis of workflows, helps them re-engineer and streamline processes and better utilise their systems to improve efficiency while cutting operational expenses.
BSA further extends its consultancy services to production houses, content creation set ups, live broadcast set ups and radio stations.
The company draws on its wealth of experience in the field of systems integration to guide clients in deploying tried and tested broadcast solutions that deliver tangible business benefits.

Radio Station

BSA works closely with FM radio stations right from the initial stages of technical planning, allocating frequencies, and securing necessary clearances, up to complete systems integration. This requires a particularly emphatic approach to addressing ommercial aspects and developing a sound business model.
BSA ensures that its FM systems are reliable and conform to industry standards in order to meet and exceed customer expectations.
Radio transmission facilities designed and maintained by BSA are renowned for their excellent quality and reliability.
BSA completed the most prestigious radio project in Libya and Syria with many studios and 22 transmitter sites. The company undertook the entire project from design, supply and installation.

TV Channels

How to start broadcast a new satellite TV channel, and which kind of equipment is needed..?
We supply and install all video, audio and lighting equipment. Whether satellite channels will operate in a traditional studio or a studio-less environment. Broadcast systems Arabia is ready to help you to build and start your new TV project:
  • MCR ( Master Control Room )
  • Server and Playout
  • Design and installation studio, Control Room
  • Connectivity
  • SNG
  • Lighting Systems
  • Virtual Studios
  • Post production facilities
Our in-house qualified and experienced team of technicians and Designers that handle New and Upcoming Projects from the beginning until the end.

Technical Trainings

Broadcast systems Arabia provides wide-range of support for any installation or integration we manage. We ensure personnel are fully equipped to operate the new systems and are in a position to configure and modify any equipment if required. To achieve this professional team organizes suitable training as:
  • Engineering/ Operational One-to-one or group basis training, in person or online
  • In-depth equipment training by our experts
  • We can arrange Vendor trainings
These can be included as part of the overall project, or as an individual service.


Key Customer Successes

BSA has an established track record in building broadcast infrastructure solution for customers from the ground up. The company’s portfolio of strong customer references include challenging undertakings in conflict regions as well as complex deployments in mature markets.

Libya Al Ahrar Project:

Popularly known as Libya TV, Libya Al Ahrar is a news channel that was launched by Libya’s ex-information Minister and journalist, Mahmud Shammam, during the revolution in the country. Together with its Qatar-based partner Gulf Media (GMCO), BSA played a vital role in the establishment of Libya Al Ahrar and its subsequent transformation into a fully digital television network. Thanks to the expert guidance and rapid project implementation, the TV channel was capable of providing coverage of the country’s elections.
Being an ambitious start-up venture, BSA initiated the project by advising Libya Al Ahrar on how to build studios in the country for its news and related programming. All aspects of this roll out were expertly managed and facilitated by BSA.
In addition to leveraging its core technical capabilities to install permanent satellite uplink facilities from Tripoli, Benghazi and Masrata and the setup of 12 Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) vans, BSA had to accommodate for unique requirements of the project. These included leasing satellite segments for occasional broadcast on Arabsat and Eutelsat; and dedicating extensive time and effort to identifying and hiring local resources and training them to manage HD production equipment.

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